Friday, October 15, 2010

Introduction to Tenant Defenders

The purpose of this blog is to provide information to tenants living in California, and especially in San Diego, with information regarding tenant rights, to provide links to resources and professionals that assist tenants with legal disputes.

I am attorney working in the historic Barrio Logan just south of downtown San Diego at a firm that specializes in tenant rights and consumer advocacy including defending against unlawful collections lawsuits, auto fraud and deceptive trade practices.

Please visit our website at to learn more about us.

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  1. My Girlfriend and I hired Marc to protect us from a retaliatory eviction, in this area he represented us well and we were pleased with the results, it was worth the money. During our initial consultation we were told that we had an excellent case for damages against our Landlord after the eviction case settled, so much so that Marc agreed to take on that case on a contingency basis, this was a big factor in hiring Marc. However, the day after our eviction case settled it was like speaking to a completely different person. We were told it would cost at least $3000.00 more for Marc to represent us in a case for damages, and he really didn't know how well we would do. During the eviction defense there were no changes, no surprises, we were up front and honest. I told Marc I didn't understand how we went from a contingency to $3000+ up front and from an excellent case to a maybe, so so case, I never got a clear answer. A big reason we hired Marc was that he had so much confidence in helping us recover damages and gave us a lot of hope, now we feel we were told things just to get us to hire him for the eviction defense and there was never an intention to pursue the case for damages. I feel we were mislead and given a false sense of hope, really broke our trust. Promised to get the reports from the code compliance office and never came through on that either.